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Draft Intellectual Property Policy Review


The Board of Regents directed that substantial revisions to Board Policy No. 4:34 be prepared and that the advice and recommendations of all persons who may be subject to the policy be invited.   Below you will find a link to a working draft revision to Board Policy No. 4:34 that the Board staff developed in consultation with senior academic, research, and technology transfer officers from each institution.  This website was developed to provide faculty and staff with this working draft, an explanation of various aspects of the working draft, and a survey tool that will allow you to submit comments related to specific sections of the draft document.    


In addition to these resources, you may expect that the academic and research officers at your institution will provide opportunities to discuss the new policy and its purposes.  The Board hopes that academic senates and other shared government bodies will contribute to the review as well, just as they do when formulating other critical academic policies.     


Ample time will be allowed for you to work through the document and to submit your comments.  The Board expects to receive final recommendations at its March 28 – 29, 2012 meeting.  Accordingly you may post comments or recommendations through the link below through January 20, 2012.   After the January 20, 2012 deadline, comments will be reviewed and commentators invited to participate in an on-campus discussion organized by the institutional Vice President for Research.     


No later than February 17, 2012, the Vice Presidents for Research will post on the website a summary of the discussions and a statement describing any consensus reached.  Thereafter, these summaries will be considered by the Academic Affairs Council, the Research Affairs Council, the Council of Presidents and Superintendents, and a recommended policy will be forwarded to the Board at the end of March, 2012.  



Proposed Revision for Board Policy No. 4:34



Summary comments from review process (online submissions)


Additional comments (campus forums)


America Invents Act PPT Presentation